Muscle Cars

There is nothing quite like the feeling that comes from driving a classic. At High Octane Performance Cars we understand what it feels like to yearn for an American classic. That’s why we specialize in selling affordable quality muscle cars. We want to help reinvigorate that youthful side!

Jeeps with Scars

A great place to get started if you love jeeps, and are looking for a bruiser to get the adrenaline flowing! We understand the need for a little excitement, and we think these gems are the right price to get your hobby rolling! These babies are rock solid, with lots of character.

Rock Stars

These bad boys will have you crawling all over the mountainside! Get vertical behind the wheel of one these stars. Let the excitement & thrill of being on the edge pump blood through your vains! Go where no ordinary driver would dare, these aren't the average on-ramp climber!