Since we are Jeep guys, it is important to know that what we do here is special. We are very knowledgable when it comes to these cars and are not going to beat around any bushes when it comes to maintenance and repairs. If you take your Jeep to any other place, they may not know the intricacies that come along with the character. We do and we will make sure you leave satisfied with a purring Jeep and some change still left in your pocket. 

We really appreciate all our customers and while our Jeeps on the lot may not have a warranty, we offer all customers who decide to buy from us a very discounted shop rate to make sure you feel comfortable with your purchase. 

We look forward to getting you into the Jeep of your dreams. 

Your older and wiser Jeep will love you more.

We are Jeep guys. We cater to Jeep lovers and future owners. Most of what we do is find, fix, love, sell and trade Jeeps. If you have lived in Colorado your whole life or have just moved here, you know that those mountains are one of our best features. They call to us every day and without a good option for an off-road vehicle, the mountains will have to wait. We are here to make sure that neither of you, the mountains or yourself, will have to wait any longer. 

We offer affordable options for jeep lovers and make sure that you have a fun toy to bring up to the hills and play in. We search high and low for the best jeeps in the region and fix them up, treat them right and sell them to anyone looking to start their jeep journey. These jeeps have been loved and used to their fullest potential and are awaiting their next owner.