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We purchased our car from Tom and we couldn’t be happier. It was incredibly affordable and anytime we need a tune-up or something checked out, we are more than happy to bring it back here. Very friendly service and it truly seems like they care about both their customers and the cars they sell. Thanks!
— Lyndsey Mandergant
Friendly, fast and cheap! I got my Jeep and was playing in the mountains the same day. Thank you for the chance to own my very own big boy toy!
— Seymour Glass
So many good things to say about these guys. Thank you for a very pleasant buying experience. I can’t wait to come back and get another!
— James Field
Such great service and I still can’t believe how affordable it is. Very honest guys there and I had no doubts about what to expect in the future. I was originally expecting a brand new Jeep, but came to find out that these Jeeps have more character and need a little extra love for the price. So worth it and I am so happy I chose to get myself a Jeep with Scars. :)
— Buckminster C.

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